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If you are a law student, or a young lawyer or even someone interested in the workings of the law, you have come to the right place. 

The Five Things Checklist is all about tips, tricks and hacks – delivered as a checklist of five points – on all practical aspects of being a lawyer. Here, I talk about any topic – ranging from career advice to books you should read, from learning how to draft a contract to how to effectively strategise for a big litigation, from skills required to be a successful lawyer to how to work quickly and more efficiently. I hope this will be your go-to site for anything and everything you have always wanted to know but didn’t know who to ask.

Imagine this site as your mentor who will help you navigate your legal career with more confidence.  


This site does not aim to bring deep, insightful articles on legal topics. It does not post the latest news about law firms, in-house departments or Court room happenings. Most certainly, you won’t find any legal fraternity gossip, ‘cos I am absolutely unaware of them myself. You have plenty of other authoritative resources for the same.


Hi all.

I am Debosmita Nandy, the author behind The Five Things Checklist. Let me share 5 things about me: 

  1. I am an inhouse counsel with ITC Limited for the past eight years, dabbling in contract drafting and negotiation, litigation management and resolution of issues in multiple sectors like Hospitality, Branded Apparel and Tobacco – three totally unconnected industries.
  2.  Earlier, I was a disputes resolution lawyer with Khaitan & Co for three years, involved in running around in the corridors of the Calcutta High Court by day and drafting pleadings and briefing senior counsel by night.
  3. I graduated from National University of Juridical Sciences in 2009 with a Gold Medal in Property Law and yet, that’s an area I have never worked in. 
  4. I have co-authored two books on law (Environment, Forest and Wildlife Laws – again not an area of my practice).
  5. I have also published several short fiction in various anthologies. My work-in-progress novel manuscript was shortlisted by the First Book Mentorship Programme by Jaipur Literature Festival in 2018. When I am not being a lawyer, I am trying to write – be it my novel manuscript or short fiction or articles for this website.
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