5 Events that Led to the Establishment of a Daughter’s Right to Property

daughter's right to property

This is a guest post written by Anuj Valiya Rakkanchath, a second-year student of the 3-year LLB course of Jitendra Chauhan College of Law, Mumbai. In the recent past, the Hon’ble Supreme Court of India held that daughters have a right to the ancestral property. In this article, we look at the background and the events leading up to the establishment of a daughter’s right to property.   Succession under the Hindu Succession Act,1956 Succession is the process by which all the earthly property of a now-dead person is dealt with by law. Inheritance is the transfer of rights of the property […]

MentorSpeak #1 with Shivli

Hi friends, I am excited to introduce a new category of post on the blog – MentorSpeak. Over the last few months of writing for The Five Things Checklist, I realised that the biggest challenge that today’s law students face is lack of mentorship. They study well, do numerous internships, participate in moot court competitions, publish research articles and do everything that can be possibly done by a young law student; yet they are not sure of how to proceed in their career. There is a general sense of “I do not know enough”. They think “How do I know […]

5 Basic Questions about Bail Answered


This is a guest post written by Anurag Tiwary, a fourth-year student of Damodaram Sanjivayya National Law University, Vishakhapatnam. Your Life, Liberty, and Freedom are all protected under the Constitution. They form part of your Fundamental rights enshrined within the Constitutional text. Few of them are granted to you by virtue of you being a citizen and few as persons irrespective of whether you’re a citizen or not. You are entitled to an action against the state if any of your fundamental rights are violated. That sounds fairly simple! Isn’t it? The Constitution and the courts stand with you as sentinels of […]

5 things you need to know about Definitions & Interpretations clause of a contract

definitions clause in a contract

After a hiatus, I am back with an article on contract drafting, this time on the topic of the definitions and interpretations clause. Definitions are a ubiquitous part of a contract. Sometimes they appear right at the beginning of the contract just after the introductory clauses. Sometimes they are spread across the contract. If you are a law student and have done internships at corporate law firms, you might have received a thick contract and asked to review it for consistency and cross referencing. One of your jobs would have been to see that all the definitions are capitalized and […]

5 Conditions for a Valid Marriage under Hindu Law

marriage under Hindu Law

This is a guest post written by Anuj Valiya Rakkanchath, a second-year student of the 3-year LLB course of Jitendra Chauhan College of Law, Mumbai. Planning to elope with your partner and getting married in the temple, Bollywood style? Make sure you read this article and know what constitutes a valid marriage under the Hindu Law. What is Marriage under the Hindu Marriage Act, 1955? The meaning of a marriage under the Hindu Personal Laws is not at all what you would expect. As per the Hindu personal law, marriage is considered to be the very foundation of a stable family […]

5 Basic Rules of Evidence under the Indian Law

rules of evidence

What is Evidence We, humans, make a lot of assertions, claims, and allegations against each other almost as a routine. We do this as part of living our normal lives. We are also naturally tempted to prove what we claim or propose. Proving oneself often requires support from what is known as “evidence”. That’s where rules of evidence come into the picture. In this article, we will understand the five basic rules of evidence under the Indian Law. The fight on the Football Ground Remember in school when someone got violent on the football ground with you and argued that […]

5 tips to ace legal writing skills (+ free video)

legal writing

Legal writing skill is the most important tool of the trade for a lawyer or a law student. The ability to write well allows you to communicate your message clearly and effectively. It bridges the gap between what’s on your mind and what you communicate. Therefore, it’s extremely important to master legal writing while you are a law student and continue honing it when you join the profession. Let’s look at what all lawyers need to write and why this skill is important for them. Types of legal writing Regularly, disputes lawyers or in-house counsel need to draft legal pleadings […]

5 Q&A from my law student mentoring session #3

mentoring session

If you are interested, you can find part 1 of this series here and part 2 of the series here. In my third law student mentoring session, I spoke to A, a final year student of a non-NLU with a very impressive CV. In this session, we spoke a lot about being an in-house counsel. A is interning at a company and wants to be an in-house counsel. From skills required to an ideal career path, we covered a broad range of topics. She asked me only three questions, so to remain true to my article heading, I have added […]

5 questions a lawyer should ask a client before taking on a new litigation

questions a lawyer must ask his client

Today’s article is for both lawyers in independent practice and in-house counsel. Here I talk about the 5 fundamental questions you, as a lawyer, should ask the client who has approached you with a new litigation. You might have been conditioned to believe that as a lawyer, it is your job to know the answers. However, a good lawyer should know the right questions to ask, rather than knowing answers to all the questions. Usually you would receive a phone call from a client, either a new one or an existing one, wanting to meet you “to file a case“. […]

5 things on the introductory clauses of a contract

introductory clauses of a contract

Many times, we do not focus as much on the introductory clauses of a contract as we should. We think nothing major can happen in these introductory clauses. I am talking of the clauses that precede the core contract terms ie. till the recital. This makes up what is called the “Front of the Contract”. You might say, why, they are only the title, date, place and parties. Surely, one doesn’t goof up here. While reviewing contracts, I have found many errors, some of them grave, in the few introductory clauses that are present in a contract. Some mistakes, as […]