MentorSpeak #1 with Shivli

Hi friends, I am excited to introduce a new category of post on the blog – MentorSpeak.

Over the last few months of writing for The Five Things Checklist, I realised that the biggest challenge that today’s law students face is lack of mentorship.

They study well, do numerous internships, participate in moot court competitions, publish research articles and do everything that can be possibly done by a young law student; yet they are not sure of how to proceed in their career.

There is a general sense of “I do not know enough”.

They think “How do I know that what I think I want to do is actually what I want to do?”

Most of them are chasing the dream of getting a corporate law firm job.

Some of them trying to charter a path of independent litigation practice.

Others are trying their hands in academics, judiciary, in-house jobs, Company Secretary degree, or civil service.

But there is a feeling of “what if I am wrong” which pervades their thinking.

Or “how do I plan so that I can achieve my dream”.

There are not many people around to ask for guidance.

This blog was born out of my wish to fill that gap. However, I have had a particular career trajectory. I cannot advise on the wide range of career related questions that the law students may have.

So I have decided to call upon senior legal professionals with a request to get inputs from them, based on their personal and professional experience. I plan to interview them and bring their answers to you in a video format.

Our first MentorSpeak session is with Shivli Katyayan, Associate Legal Director, PoicyBazaar Group. Check out her video for insights on –

(i) How to change practice area

(ii) How to prepare for a career in insurance law

(iii) What kind of work is done by an insurance lawyer

(iv) Her tips on the perfect resume and interview

Hope this was helpful. Let me know in the comments.

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