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The Five Things Checklist is now open to guest contribution.

If you want to submit your article to the Blog for publication, please send an email to [email protected] with the subject line “Submission for The Five Things Checklist” with your article as an attachment.

Submission Guidelines

  1. Please follow the structure of the Blog. Whatever topic you choose to write on, break it into five points.
  2. Please send articles in MS Word format.
  3. Unconventional treatment of any legal topic will be preferred.
  4. Submissions in the existing categories eg. Career, Contract, Litigation and Know Your Law are welcome. Feel free to write on any other category of legal topic.
  5. Minimum word count is 1000 words.
  6. Please include your full name, details like college and year of study (if student) and designation and workplace (if working) in the email body. Include the link to your Linkedin bio if you wish me to put it up.
  7. I reserve the right to edit your article.
  8. I may also get back to you with points of edit and ask you to edit the article accordingly before publication.
  9. I will try to respond to you regarding acceptance or otherwise within one week of submission.
  10. If accepted, the article will be posted along with your name and details.

Look forward to receiving your articles.