5 signs of a well-drafted contract

well drafted contract

Let us spend some time deciphering what makes a contract well-drafted so that you know which skills to learn, unlearn and relearn. Many articles have been written on what makes a contract well-drafted, eg. here and here (the first point in the second article goes sorely against what The Five Things Checklist stands for, but there you go – contrary views), but I did not come across a comprehensive discussion on this topic. You may know one or more or may be all of the pointers given here. If so, I would love it if you attempt the exercise given […]

5 reasons to learn how to draft a contract

learn draft contract

Learning how to draft a contract is a most essential skill that a lawyer should have in his briefcase. Whether you are an in-house counsel or an associate in a law firm, chances are that contracts form a major part of your work profile. In some of the work profiles, all you will end up doing is drafting, vetting, negotiating and executing contracts day in and day out. ‘Contract Specialist’ is a real job title in many in-house departments. They are the super experts of contracts for their companies and they manage the entire contract lifecycle for their companies. Do […]